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Splinter Cell

Villa Dominicci
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - All modes
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3 - Lessons learned
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In Brief

  • Mapname : Villa Dominicci
  • Game : Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
  • Released : February 2005
  • Players : Up to 4
  • Gametype : Neutralization / Extraction / Sabotage
  • Editor : UnrealEd

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    Lessons Learned


    • Layout drawn with Microsoft Visio, which reveals to be far much easier than paper
    • Gameplay carefully studied before jumping into the editor
    • Unability to attack/defend without coordination
    • Careful placement of items, defending / attacking
    • Playing with the progression of the spies
    • Timed routes
    • Tricky job on the balance
    • Ability to learn a new editor
    • Basic understanding of the Unreal technology
    • Basic Optimizing technics
    • Speed building (One week from the concept to the final build)
    • Playing with shadows to help balance
    • Gameplay built around the Patio
    • Mediterranean Sunset ambience with lighting
    • Map done in one week during my scolarship at Supinfogame, France
    • First map using Unreal Engine, and first experience with Splinter Cell
    • Finished 1st ex-aequo with Nuclear Power Plant team
    • Workflow greatly improved

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  • villa_scpt_setup.exe (4,89 MB) Run the installer. It should automatically find your game directory. If not, add manually the path.

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